The Giving Back Pack is formed from our oldest group of children and are selected by our staff. We invite children that show an interest and enthusiasm for helping others.

The Giving Back Pack will be introduced to a variety of community service projects and experiencing hands on how important and rewarding volunteering can be. Some of the organizations and services we will be providing for include; Redwood Empire Food Bank, maintaining Honeybee Park, collecting and delivering supplies to our local animal shelter. These are just a few of the many organizations and events we will be a part of during the year.

Our goal for the children involved with this group is to provide them with the opportunity to learn about non-profit organizations and experience the gratifying work involved in supporting these organizations. Most importantly, we aim to provide your children with experiences that they can gain confidence to become leaders in the community. We anticipate this group will find a passion for helping others that will continue into adulthood.

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